Levure liquide Physant


Raw material for animal feed

LEVULYSE is a yeast of bakery origin, from the saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, inactivated by thermolysis on the liquid phase. This phase generates the release of the components naturally present in the yeast cell, thus allowing all micronutrients an almost total bioavailability in the digestive system of animals.

Benefits of LEVULYSE:

  • Inactivated yeast intend to optimize zootechnical performances
  • High biological activity which makes it possible to secure and reinforce the control of livestock farming
  • High availability of micronutrients for the micro flora, for a better digestive efficiency upon feeding ration
  • Fully optimized growth index and better sanitary protection of animals
  • Better quality and added value to finish products
  • Enhance the efficiency and performance of feed ration

Doses & directions for use:

  • BOVINE /DAIRY COW : 10ml for 100kg of live weight /day
  • CALF : use continuously in feed or in beverage at the dose of:
    • 2ml per 25kg of live weight twice /day
    • or 10ml morning & evening, 60 days before slaughtering
  • PIG : 20ml /animal /day
  • SOWS : 50ml /sow, twice /day
  • PIGLET : 5ml /animal twice /day
  • SHEEP, GOAT : 1ml for 25kg of live weight /day
  • LAMB, KID : 0,5ml for 15kg of live weight /day
  • HORSE : 10ml for 100kg of live weight /day
  • POULTRY (broiler, layer & duck) : 1L/T of feed or 1L/1000L of water


B vitamin, microbial proteins, peptides, nuclotides, Beta glucans & mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS / components of yeast cell wall).