GMP+ Certification

Certification GMP+ Laboratoire nutrtion PhysanThe manufacturing process of PHYSAN products has received the GMP+ certification (Feed Safety Assurance).

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GMP+ FSA certified companies demonstrate that they meet all requirements and conditions for the assurance of feed safety.

FSA stands for “Feed Safety Assurance“. With over 18 000 GMP+ FSA certified companies, it is the largest module within the GMP+ certification scheme. GMP+ FSA contains standards for all links in the chain. Certified companies are audited by independent bodies, accepted by GMP+ International.

Over the years, the FSA module (GMP+ feed certification scheme) has professionalized more & more. ISO 9001, HACCP, feed safety limits, traceability, monitoring, prerequisite programs and the Early Warning System (EWS) are examples of what has been integrated in the GMP FSA module.



Organic certification

Since 2019, the toll manufacturing activity which consists in manufacturing animal feed, compound feed supplements and dietetic feed supplements (powder and liquid) has been defined by CERTIS as a process in accordance with the organic production method.

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Also since 2019, processed products such as complementary and complementary dietetic compound feeds (powders and liquids), as well as animal feeds have been defined by CERTIS as products resulting from the organic production method.

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Finally, inactivated yeasts in liquid & powder forms were defined by CERTIS in 2019 as products that can be used in organic farming.

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