ketosis prevention milk fever hypocalcemia for ruminants


Reduces the risk of ketosis & milk fever

  • Supply of calcium & vitamin (D3) of calcium regulation
  • Glucoformators & precursors of oxaloacetate
  • Boosts rumen fermentations


  • Increases production
  • Improves calcemia
  • Prevents the risk of ketosis
  • Strong palatability


KETONITE is recommended for cows in early lactation with high energy requirements and low calcemia or high producing dairy cows. KETONITE is a product available in both liquid & powder forms :

  • the liquid form is designed for using in automatic concentrate dispensers, or directly on the feed ration of animals
  • the powder form is designed for using in the solid feed of ruminants


Sorbitol, yeasts, propionate, calcium pidolate, trace-elements, vitamins