Tailor made

Our factory can also manufacture “tailor made” feed supplements for our customers. We are specialized in toll manufacturing (private label). We can manufacture feed supplements in liquid or powder form.

Laboratoire PHYSAN, la probiolyse

Levures et diététique pour le monde animal
Yeasts and dietetics for the animal world

PHYSAN, nutritional alternatives

Since 1983, we have been creating and manufacturing dietetic products and nutritional supplements for animals. Due to our knowledge in yeast biotechnologies, we have developping for several years a new product range through a partnership with research centers. These new products are formulated with ingredients coming from new nutritional technologies.


PHYSAN also proposes its manufacturing means (HACCP methods) to comply with your needs in terms of new projects, dry and produce under your own marketing standards (specific brand name). We bring our knowledge and our skills in the animal nutrition field to manufacture your products (toll manufacturing, private label, creation of tailor made formulas).

We can manufacture your products in whatever form you want :

  • powder
  • liquid
  • emulsion
  • gel
  • syringe
  • bolus…

And we can package them according to your needs :

  • sachets, cans, buckets, bags, big bags for powders
  • flasks, bottles, drums, IBCs of 1000L for liquids